Published in the United States/United Kingdom

All About Aussies
Author: Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor
© 1996
Publisher: Alpine Publications, Loveland, Colorado (USA)
ISBN: 0-931866-87-1

This 356 page book is considered as THE standard work about the Australian Shepherd. The Aussie is reviewed from A to Z in 29 chapters. In 1996 a completely revised and extended version was published. The orginal work dates from 1985. Photo's in black and white and colour. The author has Aussies since she was fourteen.

The Total Australian Shepherd - Beyond the beginning
Author: Carol-Ann Hartnagle and Ernest Hartnagle
© 2006
Publisher: Hoflin Publishing (USA)
ISBN 0-86667-072-6

New 152 large page paperback out of the Hartnagle family. Lots of photographs (black and white only). Table of contents: Heritage, Character and Temperament, Breeding, Genetics and the Australian Shepherd and A Judging Synopsis. A lot of inside information on the breed.

The Australian Shepherd  Champion of Versatility
Author: Liz Palika
© 1995
Publisher: Howell Book House, New York (USA)
ISBN: 0-87605-039-9

221 pages with a lot of information and photographs in black and white and colour. The author has Australian Shepherds herself. The book contains a list with the Australian Shepherd Club of America Hall of Fame kennels and dogs and mentions the Australian Shepherd Club of America National Specialty Winners (1974 to 1993). Now in a second edition with new cover.

Australian Shepherds
Author: Joseph Hartnagle
© 1990
Publisher: TFH Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey (USA)
ISBN: 0-86622-609-5

This 192 page book with colour photographs mainly consists of general information about raising and caring for a dog. Only the first thirty pages focus on the Australian Shepherd in specific. The author grew up in the Las Roscosa kennel and breeds, shows and judges Aussies himself.

A New Owner's Guide to Australian Shepherds
Author: Joseph Hartnagle
© 1997
Publisher: TFH Publications, Neptune City, New Jersey (USA)
ISBN: 0-7938-2767-1

This 160 page book is, when it comes to text and presentation, similar to 'Australian Shepherds', but now with a new look. However, this edition does contain more and different colour photographs. Again: a book with a lot of information about dogs in general, not much about Australian Shepherds in specific.

The Australian Shepherd: an Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet
Author: Liz Palika
Publisher: Howell Book House, New York (USA)
© 1997
ISBN: 0-87605-503-X

What is said above also goes for this 158 page book: a lot of information about raising and caring for dogs in general. In fact, only the first 40 pages are about the breed itself. Photo's in full colour, along with the general information other breeds than the Aussie are pictured.

The Essential Australian Shepherd
Author: Ian Dunbar (consulting editor)
Publisher: Howell Book House, New York (USA)
© 1999
ISBN: 1-58245-026-9

This 92 page book with colour pictures is a revised edition of Liz Palika's The Australian Shepherd: an Owner's Guide to a Happy, Healthy Pet

Australian Shepherds: everything about purchase, care, nutrition, behavior, and training (A complete pet owner's manual)
Author: Caroline Coile
Publisher: Barron's Educational Series, Hauppage, New York (USA)
© 1999
ISBN: 0-7641-0558-2

Book with 112 pages and colour photographs. A lot of general information but the author has tried to make it as breed specific as possible.

The Guide to Owning an Australian Shepherd
Author: Sheila Webster Boneham
Publisher: TFH
© 2000
ISBN: 0-7938-2207-6

A 64 page book with colour photographs, written by the owner of Perennial Australian Shepherds. She gives a good overall view of the Aussie.

Australian Shepherd
Author: Charlotte Schwartz
Publisher: Pet Love
© 2001
ISBN: 1-903098-68-8

A 155 page book with lots of Aussie colour pictures. The text, written by an American dog trainer and an Aussie-owner, is mainly about general dog care and only for a small part about the Aussie itself.

Australian Shepherd (Breeders' Best series)
Author: Catarina O'Sullivan
Publisher: Kennel Club Books, USA
© 2004
ISBN: 1-59378919-X

A 96 page book with several nice Aussie colour pictures and some drawings. Basic guide with mainly general information and only a few pages on the breed itself.

The Australian Shepherd
Author: Tracy Libby
Publisher: T.F.H. Publications/Terra-Nova
© 2007
ISBN: 978-079383677-2

A 208 page hard back total care guide with two chapters specific on the Aussie, the rest is general information. With dvd about dog care & training.

Published in Germany:

Der Australian Shepherd. Ein Handbuch für einer nicht ganz gewöhnlichen Hunderasse
Author: Ulrich Börner
Publisher: Kierdorf Verlag, Wipperfürth (Germany)
© 1996
ISBN: 3-89-118099-3

This is the first book about the Australian Shepherd in the German language, 170 pages plus breeder advertisements. Both black and white and colour photo's, mainly of Aussies living in Germany. Interesting chapter on the breed origin.

Australian Shepherd - Intelligenz auf vier Pfoten
Author: Ilse Pelz
Publisher: Verlagshaus Reutlingen Oertel + Spörer, Reutlingen (Germany)
© 1997
ISBN: 3-88627-199-4

A 188 page book with (not so many) photographs in black and white and colour.

Der Australian Shepherd. Charakter - Erziehung - Gesundheit
Author: Angela Seidel
Publisher: Cadmos Verlag (Germany)
© 1999
ISBN: 3-86127-702-6

A 96 page book with full colour photographs.

Australian Shepherd. Geschichte/Haltung/Ausbildung/Zucht
Author: Ilze Pelz
Publisher: Kosmos (Germany)
© 2004
ISBN: 3-440-08121-4

Text is partly the same as 'Australian Shepherd - Intelligenz auf vier Pfoten'
but this 152 page edition is revised and contains lots of new colour pictures.

Australian Shepherd
Author: Claudia Bosselmann
Publisher: Cadmos (Germany)
© 2008
ISBN: 978-386127759-0

Colourful 80 page guide written by a German Aussie owner/breeder/trainer/exhibitor with relevant breed info and nice pictures.

Australian Shepherd - Premium Ratgeber
Author: Annette Schmitt
Publisher: Ulmer (Germany)
© 2008
ISBN: 978-3-8001-9865-8

Attractive 128 page hardback with lots of colour pics with a lot of general, however nice info about dog care.

Australian Shepherd einfach nur Aussies genannt
Author: Bettina Birkner
Publisher: Books on Demand (Germany)
© 2010
ISBN: 978-3-8370-9147-2

A very moderate 136 page paperback with only a few colour pictures, a third of the book contains general information about breeding.

Published in France:

A la découverte de l'Australian Shepherd
Author: Maryline et Frank Levitte, Philippe Gérard
Publisher: Philippe Gérard Editions, Paris (France)
© 1999
ISBN: 2-912521-14-9

Booklet with 82 pages with colour photographs of French Aussies. Authors Maryline en Frank Levitte own Australian Shepherds since 1991.

Les Bergers Australiens
Author: Dr. Florence Desachy
Publisher: Editions de Vecchi, Paris (France)
© 1999
ISBN: 2-7328-2268-X

Veterinarian Desachy writes in this 192 page book with photo's in black and white and colour about all the 'Australian' breeds: next to the Australian Shepherd ('Berger Australien') also the Kelpie and Australian Cattledog ('Bouvier Australien'). However, the book focuses on the Australian Shepherd
which gets the most attention. There are over 90 photographs of (French) Aussies where the Cattledog and Kelpie get only one picture each!

Le Berger Australien - le chien de famille
Author: Sophie Licari
Publisher: Vos Chiens magazine
© 2003
(Vos Chien Hors-Série # 9)

Colourful 130 page guide with many colour pictures. Lots of info on the Aussie which gives a very good overall impression of the breed. Includes chapters on the Australian Shepherd in France and the Aussie abroad. Includes some pages with adds of breeders. Written by a journalist of the French Vos Chiens ('Our Dogs') magazine who breeds Aussies herself.

Le Berger Australien
Author: Pascale et Pascal Grappin
Publisher: Atout Chien / Artémis Editions
© 2005
ISBN: 2-84416-408-0

Colourful 144 page guide with lots of colour pictures. General information about the Aussie when it comes to history and standard, character, raising and training, breeding and showing. Written by French Aussie owners, Pascal Grappin is an Australian Shepherd breed judge.

Published in The Netherlands:

10 jaar Aussies in Nederland
Jubilee book published by the Australian Shepherd Club of the Netherlands, 320 pages packed with Aussie information (in Dutch)
© 2006

Book can be ordered through Media Boekservice and the Australian Shepherd Club of the Netherlands

Walk Up - Drijven met een loose eyed ras
Author: Anneke de Jong

A 111 page guide about working with Australian Shepherds with sheep, ducks and cattle. Helpful for who wants to start herding with Aussies.

Book can be ordered from the author at the JJ Ranch

Special publications:

Yearbooks of the Australian Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)

Yearbook # 1 (1957-1977)
Yearbook # 2 (1978-1982)

You can order these yearbooks (paying with Visa is possible) through the ASCA Business Office, PO Box 3790, Bryan, Texas 77805-3790, USA.

The Structure & Movement of The Australian Shepherd

Authors: Victoria & Christina Mistretta
Order through: more info on the website of Victoria Mistretta, USA.

Judging The Australian Shepherd

Author: Sandy Cornwell.
Order through: Sandy Cornwell, 10346 E 2600 N Road, Potomac, IL 61865, USA.

The Australian Shepherd Manual

Author: 'noted authorities'
Order through: Australian Shepherd Manual, Attn: Sue Helms, P.O. Box 88, Ridgeland, MS 39158, USA.

Australian Shepherd Pedigrees 

Author: Kristine K. Toft
Published since 1988, serveral volumes
Order through: Kris Toft, 12501 N. Rt. E, Harrisburg, MO 65256, USA.

Aussie Stats

Compiled by Cheri Preciado, first published in1994. Contains info about over 35.000 Aussies: registration names, call names, parents, colour, titles, etc. Information is constantly kept up tot date.
More information: Cheri Preciado, 34242 Peaceful Valley Road, Vincent, CA 93551, USA of

Tails of Tailless Dogs - A humorous saga of Australian Shepherd puppies growing up in Florida

Authors: Arthur Scott and Blue
ISBN: 0966548302
Order through: Blue Dog Publishing, P.O. Box 14718, Bradenton, FL 34280, USA of

The Australian Shepherd Quarterly

Hoflin Publishing published from 1984 to 1990 'The Australian Shepherd Quarterly'. This publication has been replaced by 'The Australian Shepherd Annual'.

You can order back issues through Hoflin Publishing Inc., 4401 Zephyr St., Wheat Ridge, Colorado 80033, USA.

The Australian Shepherd Annual

A yearly book with all kinds of information (articles, advertisements) about the Aussie.You can try to get back issues through Hoflin Publishing Inc.

The Best of the Australian Quarterly

A 280 page publication with a collection of the best articles formerly published in 'The Australian Quarterly'.

Order through Hoflin Publishing Inc.

Stockdog Savvy

Very good and informative reading about selecting, training and trialing a working stockdog, written by Aussiepeople Jeanne Joy Hartnagle-Taylor and Ty Taylor, 290 pages for everybody who wants to know what stockdog work is all about.

Order through Alpine Publications

Australian Shepherd literatuurlijst

Australian Shepherd Literature List
The Australian Shepherd's Origin and History
Author: Gwenn Stevenson
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Company (USA)
Last edition © 1972

We are very happy that we finally found a copy of this rare, out of print Aussiebook.
Australian Shepherd magazines

Aussie Times
Two-monthly publication of the Shepherd Club of America (ASCA)
click here to see all past covers

Australian Shepherd Journal
Two-monthly publication of the United States Australian Shepherd Association (USASA)
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Good Aussie-reading

'Ranch Dog - A Tribute to the Working Dog in the American West', een boekje geschreven door Marianne Murdock met foto's van Nancy Burgess. 'Ranch Dog' is een klein, 96 pagina's tellend kijk- en leesboekje dat door middel van korte verhalen (waarin eigenaren van ranches en hun werkhonden geportretteerd worden), gedichten en foto's een beeld schetst van het werk van de ranch dogs in Amerika: onder andere de Catahoula hound, de Queensland cattle dog (heeler), de Border collie, de black mouth cur en, goed vertegenwoordigd in deze uitgave, de Australian Shepherd.
Zo werken er bijvoorbeeld Aussies op de S Bar S Ranch in Kamas, Utah, waar 350-500 paarden en 500 stuks vee worden gehouden door Tom Simpson en zijn familie. Zijn favoriete ras is de Aussie. Volgens hem kan een Aussie meer leren in 1 seconde dan een Blue Heeler in heel zijn leven (!). De Aussies op de S Bar S Ranch zijn in staat om op commando een bepaald paard uit een groep van 60 dieren te halen. Eén werksessie met het betreffende paard is daarvoor genoeg! Het boekje bevat ook een portret van de Aussies op de Windsong Ranch in Cayucos, Californie (Kathy en Brad Warren). Prachtig om te zien hoe hun honden, hard werkend en smerig als wat, compleet in hun element zijn!

Het boekje geeft een prachtig beeld van hoe de ranchhonden in Amerika werken. Niet alleen met koeien en paarden, maar incidenteel ook met andere dieren. Bijzonder is het portret van een struisvogelranch, waar twee Pyrenese Berghonden werken. De grote witte berghonden gaan er 's nachts op 'night patrol' om de struisvogels te beschermen tegen onder andere coyotes, vossen en roofvogels. Geïllustreerd met prachtige foto's in zwart-wit en duotone (zeg maar bruin-wit). 

'Ranch Dog'
© 2000
ISBN 1-57223-289-7
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'Ranch Dog - A Tribute to the Working Dog in the American West' pictures the daily life of ranch dogs, including Aussies.
10 jaar Aussies in Nederland
Jubilee book published by the Australian Shepherd Club of the Netherlands, 320 pages packed with Aussie information (in Dutch)
© 2006

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